Permaculture Safaris

Permaculture Community Tourism, founded in 2018 by Charles Mugarura and Andre Hajnal, aims to alleviate extreme poverty through knowledge exchange and social connection, linking communities with tourists, volunteers, and researchers.

Founded on July 1st, 2018, by Charles Mugarura and Andre Hajnal, Permaculture Community Tourism represents a groundbreaking endeavor dedicated to combating extreme poverty by fostering knowledge exchange and social connectivity. Under the umbrella of Permaculture Safari, this initiative pioneers a new approach to bridging the gap between rural communities practicing indigenous farming or Permaculture and nature enthusiasts seeking transformative travel experiences.

At its core, Permaculture Community Tourism serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange, seed sharing, and collaborative problem-solving, facilitating mutual growth and advancement. By connecting Permaculture communities in Uganda with a diverse array of stakeholders including tourists, volunteers, nature enthusiasts, farming communities, and researchers, the initiative cultivates a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration and positive change.

In today’s world, tourism transcends mere leisure; it has evolved into a powerful platform for social impact and meaningful engagement with communities worldwide. Recognizing their potential to drive positive transformation, travelers increasingly seek out projects and partnerships aimed at fostering sustainable development and improving the welfare of communities globally. Permaculture Community Tourism embodies this ethos, empowering individuals to become agents of change while facilitating meaningful connections and experiences that enrich lives and contribute to a more sustainable future.